SolarWinds | Make an API Call | Function 'formatErrorMessage'

When working with Solarwinds module. There is no option to create service request.
The typical options are working such as watch Incidents, get, create, etc. (So know the connection is working)

I can create service request with api manually with VS Code.

Am trying to create a Service request using the “Make an API Call” option

I have attempted to add the brackets before in the body but get a 404 Not found

When i remove the first bracket I get Function ‘formatErrorMessage’

This is the Manual VS Code body that works

Is there any documents on SWSD and the manually call api?

Discovered the issue.

In the URL inside SWSD module the .json was causing the issue

Manually in VS Code it requires the .json

It does use the full bracket before the beginning

Heya @Nail welcome to the community :wave:

Also, thanks so much for stepping back in to let us know how you managed to tackle this. Awesome job figuring this out. Keep up the great work :muscle: