The platfrom is huge lag after the attack

Lag while editing and creation after the DDos attack.

Is there anyone facing the same issue and how is it resolved so far ?

I am also having problems with lag, and not being able to load scenarios.

Location is EU - might be better on US??


Heya folks, thanks for raising your issues here and sorry for the inconvenience you’re facing.
Just FYI: the situation after the DDoS attack is now stabilized and all should be back to normal.

You can always check that on the Make status page.

Anyway, if you’re experiencing issues with loading your scenarios and the platform lagging, I would suggest that you contact our support team. They have access to your accounts and can see and assess what’s going on ‘behind the scenes’ which is something the community members cannot do.

Same here! Performance is terrible in Chrome. It works in Safari.