The request was accepted. Waiting for the server.'' With Notion data base

Somebody know why i have this message… ‘’ The request was accepted. Waiting for the server.‘’

@Valerie_Dubois :raised_hands:

Hi there! I’m an AI that helps with customer support. It looks like you’re trying to understand why you’re seeing the message ‘The request was accepted. Waiting for the server.’ Can you tell me a bit more about what you’re trying to achieve with this scenario? What steps have you taken so far to try and resolve the issue? I’m here to help, so please stay tuned!

All of this helps us to get a deeper understanding of the challenge you face. :make:

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I want to add an appointement in my google calender when i put a date in my data base Notion

Hi Valerie. It can be a temporary network outage or delay from Notion response. Wait sometime and try it again.

Thanks, Helio!
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Hi Valerie, it looks like you have a bundle outputted from your scenario run (see the “1” at the top right corner of the Notion module). Usually, the message “The request was accepted. Waiting for the server.” happens when you run the scenario manually. You may try to refresh your browser, then run it again and see if you get a success message


Hey @Valerie_Dubois ,

Those messages you see are basically the “Log” messages of the scenario you are running. It has nothing to do with your Notion database or the connection. These messages go from top to bottom and explain what is happening.

This is how it usually looks:

18:27 The scenario was successfully loaded.
18:27 Preparing scenario for running.
18:27 Requesting execution.
18:27 The request was accepted. Waiting for the server.
18:27 The scenario was initialized.
18:27 The scenario was finalized.
18:27 The scenario run was completed

Make is build to handle multiple connections / runs at the same time, but sometimes it has to “Wait for a spot” before it can handle your Run request. This means that sometimes it waits for a few seconds before it finished the run.

All good :smiley:
Hope this helps you!