Trustpilot not connecting

Hi I keep trying to connect to trust pilot’s api and it never authenticates it just times out has anyone else had any solutions for this. I contacted trust pilot and tehy said they are not parteners with make , that was their response?

Hi. Let us how you are trying to authenticated there. Send us the printscreen with the endpoint and auth parameters. Are you doing the authentication exact as you their API doc?

Thanks, Helio!
If you have questions reach out :wink:

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Yes I am doing this one: and it does not accept it

Grant Type: Authorization Code

The authorization code grant type is the most commonly used grant type for server-side applications. Using this grant type allows you to obtain both an access token and a refresh token. It involves the following steps:

1. Redirect to Trustpilot website for Authorization

The user is redirected to a website owned by Trustpilot in order to be authorized. After the authorization succeeds, Trustpilot redirects the user back to the client site with a code parameter containing the authorization code.

Method: GET