Twitter watch likes didn't work as expected

I’m trying to make a scenario to watch my likes on twitter, I expect to save the tweet content when I like a tweet.

However I found the “Watch Likes[ACID]” module didn’t run as what I imagined, turns out it’s not triggered by my likes action:

  • It is triggered intervally, not instantly —— as how I expect a “Watch” module would behave. For example, the Telegram “watch updates” module would wait for new messages, and the Twitter “Watch new tweets” module runs intervally but does check for the latest tweet.

  • It doesn’t return tweets in time oder. Whatever the limit number I set, the module never returns the latest tweets I liked recently. It does return some of the tweets I liked, but I liked them a period of time ago.

Anything I did wrong? Can someone show how to properly watch the tweet likes?