Update record in Adalo

Hello everyone, I am currently creating a synchronisation between a Notion database and a user database on Adalo.

The problem is that there is no “Search Object” module in Adalo like on other tools.

So I tried to use the “List Records” module.

But it doesn’t work. When an item is created in Notion it is compared to all the items in Adalo and is created several times (you can see it better on the screenshots).

Is there an efficient way to update records in Adalo?

Thank you !

This error typically occurs when there is an issue with passing the array in the Adalo configuration. I advise you to double-check the configuration of your Adalo module to ensure it is set up correctly.

I came across a helpful thread on the Adalo Forum that addresses a similar problem and provides a solution for the exact issue you’re facing. You can find it here: Integromat 'Update a Record' 500 Error Code - #3 by hoosier_nocode - External Collections, Custom Actions & Collections - Adalo.

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I discovered the solution! Rather than simply listing the record in Adalo, I implemented a mechanism where, when an element is created in Adalo from Notion, the corresponding element in Notion is updated with the Adalo ID. This allows us to retrieve the Adalo ID that was added to Notion during an update.

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Heya @Romain_Chaize happy Friday :sunny:

Awesome to hear that you managed to figure this out :muscle: Also, thanks so much for stepping back in here to share your solution with the community! This is super valuable since it gives us all the chance to learn from what you found out.

Thanks for keeping the community mind and keep up the great work :clap: