UPDATED 24/05/01: A GPT for Custom App Building

Hi all,

I created and published a GPT that is fully trained in the Make App Builder Documentation (About the apps builder | Make Apps). It will Make your life as a Custom App developer so much easier!

You can find it here: https://chatgpt.com/g/g-SLQxE0XYE-make-custom-app-guide

Feel free to use it, if you have any problems let me know. :wave:

Henk de Blauw
Level 5 certified Make Expert

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How do you use a custom chat system like this? Maybe a few examples of use would be helpful.

Looks like youā€™ll have to pay money for ChatGPT-plus to use a custom ChatGPT that someone else built. :person_shrugging:

Perhaps a custom assistant might be more useful.

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Well yes, community made GPTā€™s and access to the GPT marketplace is included in the paid ChatGPT plan. Value like this must come at a cost.

A GPT is a tailored version of the ChatGPT language model, that is trained for a specific purpose. This model is, and will be, trained with instructions and knowledge about the Make App Builder. As a GPT user, you can start a chat about the creation of a Custom App if something is unclear, if you run in to a problem or if you need advice.

For example, ask questions like this:

Or feed it pieces of code if you need troubleshooting:

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I see the title could cause confusion, Iā€™ve changed it!

This definitely could be very useful no doubt for custom app building. I wonder what it would do if you fed it the docs to a particular api and whether it could generate the necessary module for a make app. That would be revolutionary to have ChatGPT write app modules based on api documentation.

Amazing idea! That would be very cool to see. I did some quick tests, but the answers are not very useful so far. It keeps generating a single JSON code, although the setup in a Custom App is very different. The tabs in the app builder contain a lot of interconnected references, which ChatGPT cannot handle very well, it seems.

Maybe I can get more out of is if I give some use-cases and more documentation, Iā€™ll see if I have time for that in the future. But definitely a great idea!

Even if it did the major work of the mappable parameters and simple communications set up that would be huge. The connections would be use ful too.

The actual setup differs mostly in the connection that is used by the api and of course the expected structures you get back and what you can submit as arguments.

Itā€™s sort of a holy grail to be honest because then one could really create much better apps that exist and do it like an assembly line.

I wonder if you fed it some some apps as well it could learn from the relationships. There are several apps actually available in the make UI that you could download and feed the json into your gpt.

UPDATE 2024/05/01

Over the last period, I have interacted with the CustomAppGPT to help it gain more knowledge. In addition, I fed extensive information on various modules, RPCs, custom IML functions and the relationships between modules and parts of a Custom App. This has significantly enhanced the understanding of building Custom Apps.

Changelog 2024/05/01:

  • All questions and replies in the Custom Apps category of the Make Community that are marked as ā€˜solvedā€™ are incorporated in the GPT.
  • Each part of the Survey Monkey example app is incorporated in the GPT.


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