Updating a financial field via a percentage increase

Hi all, this is driving me mad, I think I will be missing something stupid or using wrong syntax.

Essentially, I have a trigger happening on a new record being created, this trigger is updating fields, one of which is to increase the cost by a percentage stored on the record.

For the example I will show below, the value is “2855.87” and I have a field called RPI which is set to 3% in Monday.com but I am receiving this as a “3” integer. which I am then dividing by 100. As you can see below, on the field update module, I am trying the below.

Update Syntax

Here is the syntax from the actual form.

{{(4.columnValues.current_cost.value + (4.columnValues.current_cost.value + “*” + (4.columnValues.numbers5.value / 100)))}}

The error I am receiving is:

" RuntimeError

[200] invalid value, please check our API documentation for the correct data structure for this column. https://api.developer.monday.com/docs/change-column-values [ Error Code: ColumnValueException / Error Details: {“column_value”:“2855.872855.87*0.03”,“column_type”:“NumericColumn”} ]"

Hi Chris
Try this
{{(parseNumber(4.columnValues.current_cost.value; “.”)) * (1 + 4.columnValues.numbers5.value / 100)}}

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The issue is the “*” — that’s a string

{{(4.columnValues.current_cost.value + (4.columnValues.current_cost.value * (4.columnValues.numbers5.value / 100)))}}

Try that instead.