Uploadling a Document To Clio Manage

I am using an Make.com integration called Clio Manage. I am generating a document using Formstack Documents with text from a Google Form. I am then using the HTTP module to get the file. When I try to connect the Clio Manage Module to upload the document, the document appears to be created, but it is 0KB so it is essentially not really there. Does anyone work with Clio Manage Document Upload?

Hi @vmllp
It is not totally understandable without screenshots of your results and mappings. You probably can’t use “HTTP Download a File” action to get the file hosted in Formstack if it requires authentication. You should be getting the File value from formstack itself or consult formstack api on how to get the file.

I’d have gone with Google Doc, as it is free and easily can generate doc from any data.

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