Urgent - Flow stopped after first operation

Hey masters! I have quite an urgent case. I’m fresh and what I want to ask is probably so banal. Anyway that’s my flow in the SS.
In the filter, I have set the email, because I want to create document only if email address appear in Google sheets. Scheduling is currently now every five minutes.

I tested with sending a form → email appeared, I got an email, so it worked (10 operations on SS) BUT after the first “unsuccessful” flow after 5 minutes ( any new email in sheets) the process stopped and I am not able to enable the whole flow again. Now everything is stopped at 1st step - google sheets :< Even if new emails shows in sheets.
I deleted email filter but the whole process still stops after 1st module (1 operations).
I would be really thankful for any advice.

blueprint.json (44.1 KB)

The “watch Rows” Module looks for newly added rows. I think that your module does not return any new rows. Try right-click on the module → where to start → all.

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The same thing…
9:45 row with email - 10 operations
9:50 empty row - 1
9:55 row with email and again 1 operations

Can you add a new row with an dummy e-mail and trigger the scenario? This should work.

Do you want to watch newly added rows or all the rows in a sheet?

Newly added.
I added new few rows, still doesn’t work :frowning: