Use Deepgram with multiple search terms

Hello :wave:

I am trying to get the timecodes of several words in a prerecorded audio. Deepgram Speech-to-Text API provide a Search option that does exactly that.

While I can perform a search with several words from their playground, I don’t understand how I am supposed to do it with the Deepgram Transcribe a Prerecorded Audio File from URL module.
Indeed, there is only one field:

I couldn’t find any documentation on Deepgram module’s options, except for the basic fields. I still assume it is possible to search for several words within a single field because it is what I have done with the “Keyword” option of the same module.

Make AI told me to try with commas, but it did not work. I tried with and without quotes. I also tried semicolons, but no success.

Here is my current output :
As you can see, there is only one search query for the string “bonjour, au revoir”.

What I want is to have two search queries : one for the string “bonjour” and another for the string “au revoir”. Here is what I want, from the Deepgram playground :

Do you have any clue how this could work?

Thank you :smile: