Using the Text Parser & Array Aggregator

I’ve been working with importing and parsing some ICS files

I’ve been successful in importing and parsing the data.
Now i’m at the point of using the Array Aggregator to bundle my results.
My situation is that if the Key:Value that I use is Lower Case, it seems to always cut of at any instance of an “n”:

If I use the code to make everything capitalize, it will show the full word:

You can see in the images the Key:Value and where the data is getting truncated.
I don’t have anything special set. Again, the only difference is that I added **



This is because of your regex and the settings you are using @benjamin_f_gunter_iv .
Provide some more information of the setup if your match pattern module and we might be able to assist. Also take a look here: How to use Regex in Make?

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thanks for replying, Bjorn.

Why would this regex not include anything after a lower case “n”:

if this is a sample text that i’m importing:

LOCATION:Richmond Main Field
SUMMARY:U13 Wickliiffe Travel VS. CFSC 11B Volt East
DESCRIPTION:League Name: U13 Boys (2010)\nGame Type: Regular\nGame Status:
Complete\nHome Team: U13 Wickliiffe Travel\nAway Team: CFSC 11B Volt East
nHome Score: 6\nAway Score: 1

specifically the lower case “n” in Richmond. This is where it would truncate my data.

so, this is my Text Parser that I’ve been using so that it will capture the full LOCATION:

thanks in advance for any assistance.

after a bit more investigation, i’m finding that the issue arises when my automation get to the:
Text Parser: Match Elements

I’ve gone as simple as doing a test with Run this module only

and I get this result:

so clearly there’s a bug in this module that is treating n as a new line '\n`

Any help would be appreciated.

@benjamin_f_gunter_iv seems like it, please create a support ticket so this can be picked up by the team:

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