🎥 [Watch Again] Building Software Product with Make

Hey Makers :wave:

Just wanted to bring your attention to a recording of the latest webinar hosted by our brilliant Solutions Architect Dan. During the webinar, Dan showcases a whole bunch of magical solutions related to using Make while building a software product. Why would you do that? That’s easy - in order to minimize costs and save time :make:

You can find all the info and details in the recording. Still, I’d like to point out some of the bits covered so that you know what to look forward to:

:purple_circle: Licensing & Onboarding

When the user starts interacting with the product, it’s necessary to figure out whether they have a license. That’s when Make checks a database to see if the user already exists.

→ If the user exists, the scenario goes on to check whether the user has a valid license.

→ If it’s a new user, Make:

  • creates a new user in a database
  • sets all relevant dates
  • calculates license status
  • sends the user an onboarding email with instructions on how to use the product

:purple_circle: Invoicing & License Distribution

When somebody wants to purchase the product, they trigger a payment event that:

  • generates a matching invoice
  • sends the invoice to the customer
  • assigns a license to the user in a database
  • (if needed) assigns the license to another user

:purple_circle: Failure/Expiration Emails

When the user purchases the product, they have an option to subscribe to failure emails. As a result of that, they get automatically notified about issues in the product. Similarly, there’s a different scenario that lets the user know when their trial period and/or license are expiring.

Check out the good stuff! :arrow_down:


This is great. We use these techniques for our license generators on all our WildApricot addons.

Not sure why data stores aren’t used more in these scenarios. There must be a good reason.

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