Watch for new posts on Google Group

Hi all,
The built-in Mailhook module is fantastic, but it seems to have one distinct disadvantage for internal corporate apps:
There’s no way to refer a user to the email that was received by the mailhook. One workaround is to grab all message data into a Google Sheet and refer that users to that sheet. This is not only cumbersome, it’s also a huge window to error and issues in the future.
So, how about replacing the mailhook with a Google Group?
These groups are easily turned to a “collaborative inbox”. Copying a URL for a specific post will allow all group members to easily access that post directly, including all attachments.
That was a long intro, and now for the question: can we watch a Google Group for new posts? Perhaps by somehow using the Gmail API on Google Cloud?
The Google Groups module on Make has no interaction with the post themselves. I assume we can reach this by an API call, but I prefer to avoid such manual API setup when using Make.

Another idea, which is super-easy to configure, is to simply create a dedicated user under the Google Workspace account. We will than delegate access this mailbox to all relevant users. Downside - we need to pay for another seat and also manage it on the long term.

Any other ideas or thoughts on how to allow Make to access messages that are meant for many users (all inside the same organization, under the same Google Workspace account).