Wave accounting modules call wrong fields and wrong data

Trying to have make.com create an invoice in wave accounting when a new customer
added to a google sheet. The google sheet contains:

  • Wave customer ID (8 digit number)
  • Customer Name
  • Customer contact first name
  • Customer contact last name
  • Customer contract email

The basic error is that when the 8 digit string is provided to make, the invoice creation fails saying that the customer ID is invalid. After much testing it appears that make is looking for a DIFFERENT wave customer ID which is a VERY large alpha string, but that number is not exposed by wave to the wave UI or the API. If I manually populate that long alpha string he invoice creation works. The issue is that there is no way to pull or populate that string in the scenario.

So I tried pulling in the customer by email, hoping to pull in the correct IDs with it. The make module shows “wave customer ID” as the variable, it is actually pulling in the “business ID” of my company instead of the customer ID.

From my view it looks like there lot of incorrect mapping in the module.

Hi. Have you tried pulling the customer data using http module or API call module? And do the same request (http or API) to create the invoice?

Thanks, Helio!
If you have questions reach out :wink:

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isn’t the whole point of your automation tool so that I don’t have to get into the weeds on stuff like that? A response like this is really disheartening. You Wave module is broken. How about your fix that instead of telling me to do it.

Better to raise a support ticket. The community people can give you guidance in right direction but only Make Devs can fix issues if module has some problem.

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