Webflow automation snags you might run into

Wanted to share a couple of drawbacks we’ve run across recently while automating things in Make with Webflow. These are challenges of the Webflow API and not caused by Make, so they’re relevant with any other application using the Webflow API (Zapier, Workato, etc.).

1. Restoring a Webflow site from backup will generate new CMS collection and item IDs.

This means that you’ll have to remap all your scenarios to the new IDs if they’re hardcoded. If other systems are referencing these IDs, they’ll also have to be repointed to these new IDs. So before restoring a site from backup, remember that you’ll have to update automations as well.

2. If you use a staging domain and production domain in Webflow, having different site versions for the staging and production domains will cause an error when updating items via the Webflow API.

You’ll receive the error: “Site is published to multiple domains at different times”.

To clear this error, you’ll have to republish the site to both domains at the same time.

3. If you receive “ValidationError: Validation Failure”, this is most likely because a required field is missing when trying to update or create an item.

This is pretty straightforward, but make sure to check your data types and inputs for each of the fields for your CMS item. Most likely the error was caused by missing fields that are required.

Hopefully these “things to look out for” will help you avoid some pain in the future!

Best regards,
Dan Saavedra

Hello @MergeYourData.com :wave:

Just wanted to drop by real quick and give you a shoutout for sharing those invaluable insights about the challenges of working with Webflow’s API. :pray:

Super valuable stuff for all the folks out there who are keen on automating their Webflow processes. :muscle:

Hi Dan, @MergeYourData.com

Thank you for your insights.
Regarding Webflow backups (1.), we are having the same issue at my company.
Did you find a solution not to break the scenarios when a backup happens?

@Dale2 the best we’ve been able to do is to create an external identifier for each collection and item. Then that’s used as an identifier in scenarios rather than the Webflow IDs.

This means you’ll have to have additional “support” scenarios that look for new collections and items in Webflow, then assigns them an external ID if there isn’t one that exists yet.