With Make API when you GET scenario(s), there are "isPaused" and "isInvalid" properties. When they become true and false?

I connected Google Looker Studio on Make and am displaying operation consumption report on it.

I thought I could display errored and paused scenarios (you know, with these :warning: flags) if I check whether a scenario’s “isPaused” = true.
But that wasn’t he case.

Errored and paused scenarios, their isPaused property is “false”. Instead “isInvalid” is “true”.

I intentionally created a scenario without configuring anything so that red flags would show up on a module like this one thinking this should be flagged as “isInvalid” = “true” where you cannot run it at all stopped by error messages.

But isInvalid or any property are true, they are all false.

Then what on earth marks “isInvalid” to “true”? And is this how it’s supposed to work? I’m even starting to doubt this is a bug or misconfig of the API backend.

I browsed the Make API doc but they are no explanations in regards to the return properties.
I already reached out support but well, he just gives me lukewarm response just to finish the ticket.

Does anyone know an answer to this?

The scenario API returns information on a scenario level. So you will not get any data on individual erroneous modules.

Scenarios can give errors and can be stopped due to errors. The elements you mentioned are for those statuses.

Indeed the documentation is (not yet) elaborate on this, so you will have to do some testing for your own situation.

Maybe there are others here that can shed some extra details on this.


Thank you for the commemt but sounds like Im failing to have you my point with the initial post.
This is a question but also a possible alerm to others and Make.

First of all I am not trying to find errors in modules here.
In this state like the pic you cannot run scenarios then I feel it’s intuitive and suitable for “isInvalid” to be true in scenario level as a mark for such.

I’m regularly pulling scenarios(real time) and their logs( on daily basis) but still cannot find scenarios with “isInvalid” = true other than paused ones.

I say the scenario is valid beacause it’s been working fine for a while. It’s merely one of the modules who raised an error in a bad timing, bad for the server(which just faced conflicts when it called the endpoint in my case).

Pauses can happen even when the problem is on server side or hitting rate limi.

Yet Make calls such a scenario “inValid” instead of “isPaused”.
Make doesn’t use “isPaused” in such a situation? OK then what else will mark “isPaused” to be true?

Again all this is so not intuitive so I’m concerned about this being a misconfig in fact and changes being made without notice.
Otherwise I want an explanation that I can come to understandings and peace of mind.

OK it’s officially answered now thank you @AlexChekalov
To share our findings with the community allow me to quote

the goal of the isPaused property by design is show if the scenario paused because of billing, means when the account paused because of missed payment or out of usage quota this isPaused will become true

Other paused scenarios will be marked true on isInvalud prop.

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