Woocommerce and FireStore

I’m totally noob on Make.

I need to get a full synchronization between Woocommerce database (users, orders, products…) with a Firestore database. And the same in the other direction. The goal is to get on a flutterflow app showing automatically every new products on the app for exemple when new products are created, when the stock is changed… and have the database of Woocommerce updated when someone buy a products from the mobile app.

Can Make help me for that please ?
This is a presale question.

The Make platform has WooCommerce and GC Firestore modules.
But the FireStore modules are working with documents so I believe that you are using in your Firestore different projects (1 for customers, 1 for products, 1 for orders, etc.),
If yes then you should be able to create scenarios to connect both apps.
Here is a possible scenario for processing orders from WooCommerce to Firestore: