WooCommerce - tag or category error - [400] Invalid parameter(s): tags (rest_invalid_param)


I wish to pass a record from Airtable over to WooCommerce. In the process, I wish to pass a field from Airtable, over to WooCommerce and set it as a tag. Every time I do this, I get the following error

Invalid parameter(s): tags

I tried with categories, but I had the same issue. I tried passing it through a string editor, an array aggregator, and everything in between - no luck. When I remove the tag field, my scenario proceed as desired.

Anyone know how to solve this?

Thanks so much in advance,


Hello @Edouard_C

Can you send me a screenshot with the tags output from Airtable module please?


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Here it is. Thanks so much for your help,


Can you please search for a product which already have tags and show me the output? It is very important to find out Woocommerce tags structure.


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Hi Vlad,
Do you mean a search for a product in WooCommerce and find the tag structure from that product in WC? Great idea! Let me do that and revert :smiley:

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Yes, you can use Get a product module and download the output, but you have to be sure that the product you are searching have tags. Is important to know the array structure for tags.

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Hi there,
None of the WC products have tags, but we can set up categories in lieu of it. I’ve encountered the same error code with categories. Here is the format for categories:


The tags field in Woocommerce expects the ID of the tags, not the name of the tags. You can test it?

I also need to send Tags to Woocommerce, I want to send the names but I don’t know how to do it.

Oh wow - thanks Thiago! Do you know how I find what the mapping of category → ID is, for WooCommerce?

You can find the ID in your Wordpress site. Go to products, and then to Categories. When you open up a category, look at the URL in the address bar. In the address you will see; ID=ID Number

Did you find the solution? Trying to add categories to Woocommerce as well.

Nevermind, found the solution using split.

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Thanks Folks! All of this is great! And it works :smiley:
Happy weekend :smiley: