Working with Arrays into Airtable (While ignoring Empty values)

Hello -

I have a Airtable base that manages products for a website through Webflow. I have built and tested a tool that will import products from an XML source from the supplier that my client uses; however, for the product descriptions it gives the bullet list in an array (XML) that provides up to 24 bullets.

I have them mapped and they sync to 24 distinct columns accurately, but now I’m having some trouble navigating how to get those 24 fields converted into a bullet list in the rich text field I have for the “Full Description” - while ignoring empty fields.

Any support or insight would be greatly appreciated!

  • Brian

Hey Brian,

Airtable supports Markdown.

Why not create a formula field in Airtable that does this for you? Just repeat this line for every column/field:
IF(FIELD,"- "&FIELD&"\n")&

You could also aggregate the fields in Make, but that is unnecessary labor-intensive.

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Hello @Zbulo !!!

Thank you for the quick reply. That definitely does the trick of getting the fields aggregated into a list with the right prefix of the "- "; however, the real quirk is getting that to output into the Rich Text Field.

@Zbulo - Scratch that - I just created automation on the base to check for updates on that cell and can then copy it over.