Xero Bubble.io Item Looping

So I have a scenario where I want it to create a new database entry for every line item how would this be done

Hey @Saxon,

You can probably use an Iterator module for that. Just select the array of line items as it’s input, and use the output of the Iterator module in the Bubble module.

Hope this was helpful!

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is this right?

also its only getting 1 item from each invoice how do i make it go to next one?

Hey @Saxon,

I would try enabling ‘map’ on the array module, and select the 1. Line items[] array. From there, in the Bubble module, select the relevant information from the Iterator module and not the Xero module. So 13. Description for example.

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hey just found out that the xero module is broken it only gets 1 line item just switched to zapier and it was so much easier and worked straight away thank you anyway

Hello there @Saxon.

Just wondering whether you contacted our support team with this issue? Those guys are really the best ones to reach out to when it comes to buggy behavior.