100% AI Powered Automated Social Media System | Step-by-Step tutorial

Check out our new video that demonstrates how to create a fully automated social media system using AI & Make. This advanced social media automation can transform an idea, article, or news into highly optimized LinkedIn posts, Tweets, Facebook posts, and more. Additionally, the AI system generates platform-specific images using DALL-E 3. We provide comprehensive guides, resources, and GPT prompts.

Key Components of This Social Media Automation Using Make:

  • Perplexity AI: For generating automated, concise article summaries.
  • Custom GPT Agents: Including LinkedIn GPT and Tweet GPT, trained on social media best practices for optimal engagement.
  • DALL-E 3: To create AI-generated images tailored to each specific social media platform.
  • Automated Posting: Seamless posting of generated content directly to your chosen social networks.

We will guide you through setting up the Make scenario step-by-step:

  1. Google Sheets Trigger: Activated when article URLs are inputted for social media automation.
  2. Perplexity AI Module: Utilized to create article summaries.
  3. Router: Sends the summaries to platform-specific GPT bots.
  4. OpenAI Module: Employs custom GPT assistants to generate engaging social media post text.
  5. DALL-E Module: Generates AI images matching the post content.
  6. Automation Option: Option to automate posting to social media accounts.

Here is the video:

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