2 sources of data in 1 database


I would like to retrieve data from 2 separated webhooks and put both information into one single Airtable database.

How can I achieve that?


More details would be helpful.

But my general approach would be to have two separate scenarios. One for each of the webhooks. When activated, each would look in a stored database (datastore?) to see if the matching webhook data was available, if so, write the combined data to the to Airtable, if not, store the current data for the next webhook.

Some consideration that might change the approach:

  1. Timing. How far apart would be two webhooks be called? Is the sequence always the same?
  2. Volume.
  3. Maybe Airtable could be the database to store the partial data.
  4. It might be better to have one webhook URL and include a query parameter to distinguish the source. This could mitigate timing issues.

Jim - The Monday Man

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Thanks for your feedback Jim,
The fourth solution worked perfectly :slight_smile: