400 Error: tags[0] is not from type integer Airtable -> Wordpress


I want to create a scneario for a online summit.
I host the speaker data in airtable and import it with the wordpress module.

Now, I want wordpress to give tags to the speakers, that I have defined before on the website. The tags are individual, so I have to map the tags from an airtable-column.

I have a column of the type multiple select.

In the scenario I tried simply to fill in the value like this (and before also like choosing the text value below the main value.



But the scenario is giving me this mistake:

But I have no idea, how I can format this value into “integer”?

Does someone here???

Thanks a lot!

Did you figure this out? I know it’s because WordPress API is expecting the Tag or Cateogry ID, and not its name, and you’re providing it a string value instead of an integer. That’s what the error means.

However, I’m struggling with this as I don’t know how I can pass MULTIPLE tags on the field. I need to unmap the tags field, and then I can enter the ID of the tag I want, but not sure of the syntax to add more than 1 tag. :S

Any solution?
How to add more than 1 tag?


So far not. Sorry, but I left the topic aside. Maybe it would work, if you create the tag in a module before you update or create the wordpress-post? You can fetch the data maybe divided by commas and then in the next module create the tag - even if it also exists. I had to do this shortly with my new mailprovider so maybe it also works in this case? This was a spontanous idea today…