[400] Invalid start time

Do you know how to fix this error? Is it because of date & time format?

* End Date +055902-07-20T08:00:00.000Z
* Start Date +055902-06-08T16:00:00.000Z

Thank you

Yes, see https://www.make.com/en/help/mapping/date-examples for supported date/time examples.




Thank you. What is your advice to adjust the fomat for Google Agenda?

You’ll need to refer to the Tokens you can use to format a date variable.

For a start, I don’t think it’s even a valid date – there’s no obvious year month and date from this: +055902-07-20


Hi @Garry_V

Please share the screenshot of the module where you entered the time.

Please note: you have to select the date and time from Make date calendar. If you want to use this date only then you can parse the date and format, for this you need to pass the timezone also.

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Thank you guys. After some investigations thanks to you, I found the solution.

I learnt that my webhook time data was in Unix Timestamp (in milliseconds = 13 digit) which is not supported by Make as @samliew said (supported date/time examples here).

To convert this Unix Timestamp format in supported format, just need to use formatDate( ; ) function like this formatDate( [YOUR DATA HERE] ; [FORMAT YOU WANT HERE] )

As I did here :

Heya @Garry_V :wave:

I just want to quickly say congrats on figuring this one out with the guidance of @samliew and @Msquare_Automation :clap:

Thank you very much for coming back to the community and sharing your findings and your final setup with us. This is truly valuable stuff and could prove incredibly helpful to others looking for similar information in the future :pray: