404 Error in Create invoice in Zoho Invoice

Hi all,
My first question here, hope someone can help. I 've found many solutions but not for this one.
I created a scenario to create an invoice in Zoho Invoice. See scenario.

I understand from the documentation that Contact person is not mandatory. And I think that is not the issue, but maybe it is. I get this error message:

Where do I go wrong? And better still, how to solve it :slight_smile:

Hi @Mirjan_vd_Meijden,

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This error is not by your doing; it happens inside a module. What happens here normally, is that Make does an additional (internal) request to Zoho to fetch Contact Persons, so you are able to choose one.

We call these internal requests RPC (Remote Procedure Call) and they don’t cost you an operation, but it seems like there is something wrong with that call.

Can you create a ticket with the Make support team via https://www.make.com/en/ticket?

The input field for Contact Persons is not required, are you able to save the module and continue in the meantime?



hi @Henk-Operative,
Thanks for your swift response. I will certainly create a ticket.
I just have to wait, I guess, since this is the final issue to resolve (I hope :slight_smile: )

do I have to select a specific category?

Cheers, Mirjan

Hi @Mirjan_vd_Meijden,

If you select ‘technical challenge’, you will be able to define your problem further.

So I understand you are not able to use the module while this error occurs? Could you try to enable the ‘Map’ and then leave it empty?


Hi @Henk-Operative,
Thanks. Indeed I cannot run it. The creation of invoices is crucial and stops there. I did try the mapping, but it is giving the same 404 error.

Cheers, Mirjan

Thank you for your response, @Mirjan_vd_Meijden,

I cannot reproduce the issue in my account. Could you try to reverify the Zoho connection and make sure that each Zoho invoice module uses the same connection?

If that doesn’t work, a deeper look is needed. If you receive an answer or solution from the Make support team, will you share it here for other Makers that might run into the same problem?


You will not believe this, two days I have been working on this scenario and all of a sudden the scenario runs through. Regardless the error. I contacted Zoho, maybe they have done something?

For now, my problem is resolved, but it remains a mystery.
Shall I close this topic?

Well, that is good news!

Zoho will give you a general answer about the error message, Make can access the logs of the request to see what is wrong, so you will have more chance of fixing this by contacting Make.

You can mark any response as solution to close this topic.


Okay, I will still report as a ticket then. Thanks for your help, @Henk-Operative

The issue is that when you’re configuring the module, the RPC runs against {{28. Contact ID}}, which doesn’t exist until runtime so the RPC fails during configuration.
When your scenario runs during normal operation it works fine.
You just need to make sure Map is enabled for both, and both fields have a valid value.
The other option is to use Make an API call and just call the endpoint manually.

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