404 Error when creating Github connection

Hi all! Going to use the handy template here:

:footprints: The steps you have taken

  1. Log in to my Github account
  2. Go to Settings > Developer Settings > OAuth Apps >Add new App
  3. Generate a Cient Secret for the new application
  4. Back in Make, add the ‘Get a File’ module into a scenario
  5. Attempt to add a new Connection to Github
  6. Add the Client ID and Client Secret from my github app
  7. Click Save, hit a 404 page
  8. Close the page, and see a 401 error in Make
  9. Be sad, try several variations, then eventually post here

:camera_flash: Relevant screenshots
Github’s 404 (with some details on the attempted URL):

Settings when trying to create/authorize a new App in github:

:link: Any links you have
Github’s 404

Any thoughts or recommendations are appreciated!