[422] failed_state_check

Hi, I connected Airtable with Chatgpt in order to first step , write an description for GMB.

All connected ok.

When I test, I got the error [422] FAILED_STATE_CHECK.

I attached the jason file.

Any idea to resolve this issue/

PS : Also I see that I have a recuurent issue with make : Wiating server but not for this case write now

blueprint FH_gmb.json (44.3 KB)

Hi there,

I tried to use your blueprint and it just worked fine when I ran.

Would you be able to provide any screenshots that I can see?

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Merci pour ta réponse et l’envie d’essayer de m’aider. J’apprecie. Voici un screenshot.

Mes questions
Est ce que cela viens de Airtable ?
De make ?
Un mauvais paramétrage

AIrtable > Watch record

Sorry I wrote in french in previous email.

I resolved the problem.

I had the wrong view selectionned in my airtable view.

It’s fixed but I got this recurrent other problem Waiting for server.


Hi there,

Nice job on figuring it out.

Regarding second one:

can you please provide more information about what is this error “Waiting for server”?
any screenshot would be great!

Thanks! :slight_smile: