Access field from Aggregator source module

Hi everyone. I have a mySQL query feeding into an aggregator feeding into a webhook response. The SQL query returns necessary records, the aggregator aggregates info into a table, webhook response displays that table. This works perfectly. However, there is one field that the query returns that I want to display in the webhook response that is not part of the Aggregator. By default i can only access the data output by the aggregator and not the query. Is there any way to access a specific field of that query? Hope that makes sense.


Hi, @IainM Could you please show the output of the aggregator and tell us which field you want to obtain?

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Hi @Francisco_Fontes

The SQL query returns a list of tasks assigned to the account.
The aggregator populates the table details which are then displayed via the webhook response.

The query returns the account name. I want to use the account name in the heading but i don’t want it aggregated as i only want it to appear once. If I could simply reference the field in the module it would be fine but i can’t.

Table Output

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@IainM Yeah since you don’t have access to the data inside, you probably have to use a normal array aggregator and then use the map() to get what you want.
You could do this in another route, then use a set and get variable to output it after all is aggregated.

Does that make sense? :wink:

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