Accessing more Trello fields

Hi all,

I’m trying to make an integration that gets kicked off from a Trello card.

Unfortunately, the Trello integration seems extremely limited in regards to the data fields that can be used.

It looks like the only fields I can get from a card are:

  • List ID
  • Card ID
  • Name
  • Short ID
  • Short Link

What about the date, due date, or the card description content itself?

Is there something obvious I’m missing here?
If not, where can I post a feature request?

Without this extra context Make won’t work for us :confused:

Thanks for any assistance!

Hi @Armando,

Add a “Get a Card” module after your watch module and you will get everything you need :slight_smile:


Perfect, thanks @loic.wiseflow :pray:

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Hi @loic.wiseflow

I’m looking to build a 2-way synch with Hubspot, using custom fields in Trello to map to certain fields in Hubspot. Can your solution here, work in that scenario also? Can custom Trello fields be used as Make triggers?

Thanks in advance.

@RocknRollCEO the Get a Card will return complete card details including all standard and custom fields. Give it a try.


Thanks so much @Manish_GrowwStacks
I assume the same goes for Hubspot custom fields with this? Can I map to custom fields created in Hubspot?

Yes, they will load in the module.

If not then use the Make an API call action in the module and structure the JSON with all custom fields.