Accounting Business Day Calculator

Hello Makers - I wanted to share my solution for a business day calculator.

I support Accounting & Finance teams, and it is common to build notifications and due dates based on the business day for accounting close. I built something similar to this before in a different program using arrays + select formulas, but I really enjoyed building a solution in Make that writes the data to a Google Sheet so that the team can always see the schedule.

Here is the blueprint you can upload to your Make environment to see the code. Note there are a couple of variables you will need to set, so take some time to look at each module before running. Also I will attach some screenshots of my google sheet, but important to note my tabs were called BusinessDays and USHolidays.
TemplateBusinessDays.json (125.5 KB)

To test the flow, update the filter on the router. The design was that this automation will run every day, and on the 1st of the month it will clear and then populate the google sheet. Every day that is not the first you can build actions off the routers to search the google sheet for a given business day, then only continue the flow if today is that day. For this example I have it set to only send 2 notifications using Slack on business day 3 & 5, but of course gmail could be used and many more business days and options could be built off the router.

There are ways to reduce operations, but in this showcase it was less about efficiency and more about functionality in an easy to understand way.

I hope this solution helps out another team at some point, and I plan to post a few more solutions in the future as time permits. I would really like to share some of the API calls that I have been using with Workday Financials (just using the HTTP module) but I want to continue to build my own knowledge before sharing with the community.

Hello there @Joseph_Accountant. This is absolutely awesome :purple_heart:

Thank you so much for sharing your solution and the blueprint with us! I am totally certain that this will be incredibly helpful to many Makers.

Keep up the great work :clap:

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