Action Needed: Impartiality Compromised in Make Course by External Creator

Dear Make Team,

I am writing to express my deep concern regarding a course offered on your platform created by Manuel Gick. Mr. Gick is not a part of your team and operates his own no-code businesses, and it is highly concerning that he has included his personal website and email address within the course material. This represents a clear conflict of interest and is unacceptable for a platform dedicated to providing impartial and unbiased resources. :thinking:

Allowing this type of content to remain on your platform not only undermines the credibility of Make as a provider of reliable and trustworthy automation solutions, but it also creates a negative user experience for those who have enrolled in the course. :disappointed:

I respectfully request that you take immediate action to remove this course or thoroughly edit it to remove all personal information and affiliations of its creator. I also urge you to establish clear guidelines and standards for all course creators to ensure that all information and resources provided through Make are impartial and trustworthy. :pray:

I hope that by taking this necessary action, Make will continue to be recognized as a leading provider of fair and unbiased automation solutions. :crossed_fingers:

Any Make employees here?

Hello @Aditi

Same as with our training for Levels 1-2-3, we wanted to provide high-quality content to our partners even for Level 4. We decided to go with 3rd parties for the creation of all four levels because they demonstrated their great Make knowledge and content-creation skills. Both Justin and Manuel spent hundreds and hundreds of hours on the projects with their teams while committing to almost impossible-to-meet deadlines.

We would like to thank Justin and Manuel for their collaboration and we feel that it’s fair to give them at least credit for their efforts on the bio pages in Thinkific. I think it’s also important to mention that these bio pages are not even mandatory to read.

We have almost 800 enrolled people and, to be frank, you are the first one to complain rather than appreciate the great free content.

If you are interested to contribute, you can always reach out to us.