Add a Category to a Microsoft 365 Calendar Event

I’m trying to create events in a MS 365 calendar that are all day. Microsoft has already identified this data tag as “Is All Day”, but I cannot for the life of me write to it. I have been trying to use the categories and the “add” function, per another user’s suggestion, but can’t get it to work. Any help is appreciated! I’ve tried several iterations of the screenshot below, including toggling map on/off, etc. I’ve also read the make array documentation, but can’t seem to write to this field.
Here’s the field I’m trying to reach. note it’s not nested.
Screen Shot 2024-06-06 at 12.25.32 PM
Thank you!

The add() function expects an array as a first argument, not a string. Looks like you want to pass a key value collection into the Category.

Have you tried just passing Is All Day into the Category?

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I don’t think these are categories.

If you can’t find this field in the “Show advanced fields” section of this module (toggle it on), then you can use the universal module to make an API Call to the M365 Calendar API endpoint.


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To do that, I guess i have to setup an API key and create an application on Microsoft, right?

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How would i do that? I’ve tried something like this (or similar)

Category 1: {{add(“Is All Day”)}}
Category 2: true

But i think the below poster may be right, I’m not actually sure it’s a category. I think it’s “up a level” so to say.

I was just thinking of putting Is All Day into the category 1 field, thinking it’s a category and expecting just the value of the category. I am guessing here, though so it’s just something to try and @samliew may very well be right.

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