Add entire output bundle in raw text to Notion database

GOAL: add entire output bundle from Jotform into one cell in a Notion database.

CONTEXT: I’m using Jotform (a form builder tool) to collect job applications which then push into a Notion database so I can assess them using As a shortcut to clicking together all the different data fields, I’d like to just dump the entire “bundle” that Jotform delivers via webhook into one cell, then use various AI fields to analyze and summarize the candidates.

Here’s a brief video that shows what I’m trying to automate

I’m a beginner at Make and don’t know how to do this… any help is much appreciated!

Hi @Karen_Bach,

You could use the toString() function, as it is written in the documentation, it transforms any value to string.



Thank you for the hint Philippe.

I’m still not sure how to select the bundle (the selection in this screenshot doesn’t work).

What value would I put in the string function?

Could you add a screenshot of the output bundle of the Jotform module?


like this?

Thank you so much Philippe!

Looks like you can just use the rawRequest or request variables, since those contain all the form submission values.


Hi @samliew and @Karen_Bach,

Could you give more information about these two variables (how to use it and so on)?