Add multiples entries in scenario

Hi to All :slight_smile: I’m completely new to Make. I have understood that scenario are linear. But what if I want 2 entries in my scenario ? I have a Google Sheet where datas have to be applied to a specified pdf document. So I need to enter the GS datas in my Scenario but also my PDF. How can I enter the two datas together in a linear scenario ? Thanks :wink:

If you have an array of entries, you can use an Iterator module to “loop” through each item in it to split them into separate bundles.


Thank you :slight_smile: The iterator will iterate all the rows of my GS. But Where do I implement my specified (single) PDF in the scenario ? Thanks :slight_smile:

If you’re using a connection like pdfFiller, you can use modules like “Create a Fill Request” to fill an existing PDF with data you pass into the module. Unfortunately, I can’t help further without knowing what your PDF looks like, how your data is structured, or which services you are planning to use.