Adding a large number of columns to a CSV data structure

I have over 100 header columns to add to a CSV Data Structure schema being iterated on rows from a custom app that queries from our data warehouse. Before I venture into doing this, is there a faster way to input all these headers so I don’t have to name and number every single one?

Hi @Amy_Gregoire,

When you add a data structure, there’s a Generate option.
You can click that and provide a sample of data in one of the supported formats, JSON, XML, Form Data, or Query String.
If don’t have your headers in any of those formats you may ask ChatGPT or other tools to help create it or use Make.

To do it in Make, grab a sample of your data, the header row and one row of data, drop it into a Parse CSV module, then run it. You can then grab the JSON from the output bundle and supply that JSON to the Data Structure Generator.

You sample data goes into the CSV box in the Parse CSV module.

Then, after running that module, click the export button at the top right and click Download output bundles.

Copy the result from this Bundle Content box.

Paste that into the “Sample Data” box in the Data Structure Data Generate window


Hope that makes sense and hope it helps!

Edit: Well… unfortunately, that did not retain the column names and instead they are just col1, col2, col3, etc… May need to use ChatGPT or some local or online tool to manipulate the header row into a JSON or one of the other formats.


Perhaps it would be easier to use ChatGPT or similar.

I prompted:
Create JSON for an array containing a single collection with the following keys: Name,Street Address,City,State,Zip Code,Email,Phone.

And the result was

“Name”: “John Doe”,
“Street Address”: “123 Main St”,
“City”: “Anytown”,
“State”: “CA”,
“Zip Code”: “12345”,
“Email”: “”,
“Phone”: “123-456-7890”

Then, use that JSON as the sample test for the Data Structure Generate function.

Another possible option is using a Compose a String module.

If you do something like this, replacing everything from Name…Phone with a CSV of your headers, this will result in something that looks like a query string



Then you could use that as example text for the Data Structure Generator.