Adding additional relation items to a Notion database relation property while preserving existing relations

I am having a problem a little different to this post. I want to add a relation item to a Notion database relation property, and keep the peivious relation items in the property.
for example, i have a relation property named “customer”,and item 1 already has “customer1”、“customer2” in this property. And now I want to use form to add the third “customer 3”, and make the property has three relations “customer1”、“customer2” “customer 3”.
i dont know how to get this. can you help me?

Hope you can help me too. @alex.newpath

To add items to a relation property via the API, you need to query for the current items and use the add() function to map the value of the item to add. Check this out and see if it can help you

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So cool ! it works!Thank you very much!