Adding Multiple Collection Values together

I currently have an Array aggregator that has 3 collections with different itemCost values.

I want to add all of the itemCost values together to allow me to take the total of them, how would I got about this?


Typical, I posted this then 5 minutes later I managed to fix the issue myself.

I used an Iterator to retrieve the array which included the itemCost and then used a numeric aggregator to ‘SUM’ them together.

Try using,

{{sum(map(“array”; “itemCost”))}}

Thanks for the help! I just this second fixed the issue and posted the fix above.

Heya @nlees :wave:

Awesome to hear that you managed to figure this out! Also, thanks a ton for stepping back into the community and letting us learn from you by sharing your solution :pray:

Just FYI: I’m marking your comment as a solution :slight_smile: :white_check_mark: