AES encryptor Problem

Hi all,

I have a questions… I would like to encrypt some fields , like first_name, last_name (some simple datas) into a encrypted string …and then send to my clients via gmail…

I found there is an module named “Encryptor” (Simple) so I tried to use that…

Then the output will give me few fields :
Data : (datas…)
Bits: 256
Key: (datas…)
Initializaion Vector: (datas…)
Cipher Algorithm: gcm

(Also you need to create a “Secret Key” in the connection)

I just tried to decrypt by using these datas outside Integromat but noluck …
Did anyone told me how do I decrypt these ?

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What tool are you using to decrypt the data? From what I know, you need to use the recipients private key to be able to decrypt the data.

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