Aggragating multiple variables and filtering them

Hi everyone,

Here’s the problem I’ve been stuck on for a while now :

I have a set of variables that returns a quantity of items delivered each day to customers :

I would like, for each of these variables, to add a row in an Excel table.

But I cannot figure out the process I have to put this raw data through to :

  1. Discard values that are 0
  2. For each variable that is not 0, repeat the execution of the “add table row” module.

I would really appreciate your help, I came back to a few weeks ago after we decided to revamp some of our data analysis in my company and let’s just say the rust doesn’t seem to want to come off fast enough.

How are you using this Tools module?

Try wrapping your variable with the built-in function toArray



Then, you should be able to use an iterator module on it, and filter out zero values.

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Hey @Jessy_Buchilly

You need to follow these simple steps:

  1. convert this data into an array using toArray function as @samliew said

  2. then use an iterator to iterate that array

  3. Set a filter after between iterator and google sheet module > “value (from iterator) >=1”

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