Aggregating items from collections when each scenario executions returns unique results

I am using GoAPI via the HTTP request module to fetch Image URLs from Midjourney. Because GoAPI responses containing the Image URLs are behind unique Task IDs, they can’t be mapped any further in the scenario. will look for the specific Task ID from the previous scenario execution and because the new execution has a new Task ID, it returns a null result (see attached images, before and after). I need to aggregate the Image URLs into an array, not the Task IDs. Can anyone suggest a solution?



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Looks like you need to get the image using the Task IDs, before you aggregate the results, but I can’t advise further without additional information.

1. Screenshots of Scenario, module fields and filters

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I solved this by using Webhooks as a workaround. Since my goal was to have each image run through the scenario in sequence, I directed each upscale endpoint to send to one webhook, which picked them up and ran them through the scenario. For my purposes, it was the same as aggregating and iterating them.


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