Aggregator Order after router

I have a scenario that has multiple aggregators to create different items. The one route creates a single invoice in xero, the other route creates 3 deals in our CRM. I would like to add the link from the invoice into the 3 deals that the CRM makes. I connected the routes trying to get the xero one to go first so I could use a Set Variables but it doesn’t go first.

Any suggestions on how to get the variable over to the CRM route would be greatly appreciated.

blueprint.json (160.0 KB)

Hello @cre8iongroup,

You can right-click in the white space and select Show Route Order and it will put numbers on the routes to show you in which order they will run.

On your route that creates the invoice, you have a filter set up so is it possible that it doesn’t run every time and module 112 Get Multiple Variables has nothing to get?

If Xero create invoice needs to run every time, you can just put it inline with everything else that needs access to that invoice link.

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Hi @Donald_Mitchell,

Thanks for getting back with me, it was helpful to show the route order. It shows correctly, but when I have executed it was not waiting. I will give it a shot again.

Module 112 is pulled before the iterators and aggregators to pull from 107. I realized after I got your message that I had removed the set and get variables that I was asking about because they were working. I have added them back in and included a screen shot of them.

I would’ve liked to have it be one line without the router, but I couldn’t get the iterators and aggregators to work properly. 114 connects to 79 and 125 to 101 but both sets use the data pulled from the google sheets search. The Module 105, create invoice makes 1 invoice with multiple line items, while the 80 create deals makes 3 deals.