🤖 AI on Make: 8 Apps that will change your business

Hey Makers! :wave:

We’re passionate about AI. That’s why we’d like to share a fantastic lineup of AI apps that will take your creativity to new heights!
Come check them out and learn how these exciting AI apps can power your automation! :zap:

:robot: Chatbase
Chatbase is an AI platform that can build a unique chatbot trained on your data. Thanks to Chatbase, you can upload your resources and get a ChatGPT - like chatbot that sends real-time responses to support your customer queries.

:robot: ElevenLabs
ElevenLabs is a text-to-speech AI tool with features that let you adjust voice, style, and language. Create compelling voiceovers and share them across your platform.

:robot: Hugging Face
Hugging Face is an AI community and data science platform that lets users build, train, and deploy machine learning models based on open.source code. With Hugging Face, you can automatically summarize and translate text to support your social media engagements and customer support tickets.

:robot: Leap AI
Thanks to Leap AI, you can create images from text and fine-tune your models to generate pictures from desired data. Based on your prompt, Leap AI renders four different versions of the picture.

:robot: Mem
Mem is an AI knowledge assistant that lets you organize your entire workspace. By connecting Mems with your favorite apps within Make, you can easily store, share, access, and manage your knowledge base.

:robot: Pinecone
Pinecone is a vector database and a long-term memory solution for AI. With Pinecone, you can effectively store and retrieve complex data from AI apps such as OpenAI.

:robot: Synthesia
Synthesia is an AI video creation tool that lets you create synthetic videos without using a microphone, camera, or studio. You can choose from five generic templates and 120+ languages.

:robot: OpenAI: Whisper
Whisper is a speech recognition and translation tool. When combined with Make. it can help easily document speech-to-text or create translations across your SaaS tools.

:nerd_face: Read our blog to learn more about how these apps can shape your business for the future.

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