Airtable: [422] Unknown field name

In my Airtable base I have 2 tables. TableA with fields in LanguageA, and TableB with fields in LanguageB. I want to set up an automation that when a new field is created or updated in TableA, it gets translated (using Deepl’s api) and created or updated in TableB depending if it was an old field or not.

I have the following error in the ‘Upsert a Record’ module. I attach here the module’s and error’s screenshots:

So, Airtable cannot find the column ‘Question’, even though the column is there and it gets even mentioned in the error.

Anyone knows a fix for this? Thanks!


[422] Unknown field name: “fldHKfXyjSCcutIa4” Airtable cannot find this column: “Question”. If you have modified or removed the column from the table, please edit this module, check the input parameters accordingly and save the scenario.



Automatic error handler

If you want to handle this error automatically, choose one of the following options. This will create a new error-handler route in your scenario. You can then expand the route in any way you like.

Hi there,

This looks like an error from Airtable and if you claim that column exists,I will suggest you to please clone the module (upsert a record) and connect the cloned one in the flow and test and see if it works!

Thanks ! :slight_smile:


Btw, if you have cloned a database module of some type, this could also be the cause of your 422 issues. Leave the original cloned database module intact, and in the meantime, create an identical type database module from scratch. Connect it to the original to make sure that you get all the values you need from the original. Finally, remove the original module and run the scenario again to see if the issue persists. I pulled out my hair for a whole 8 hour working day trying to find out why the error was constantly occurring, lol. Hope this info helps.