Airtable column names not updating in Make scenario mapping

Hello! I’ve built out a fairly extensive scenario with Watch Records (Airtable) as the Trigger, into various Quickbooks api calls, then upserting into various Airtable bases.

MY ISSUE: I cannot get my Airtable Column Names in the Make Mappings to update with the field name changes I’ve made within my Airtable base(s).

Recent updates from Make state:
“Create, Update, and Upsert modules: * When a column’s name changes, it has no negative effect on a scenario. Now, the column’s IDs are used.”

HOWEVER, if I attempt to edit any of my Mappings in Make, and the column names have not updated to match my current Airtable field names, I get errors all over the place.

Appreciate any guidance!!

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I’m frequently updating my Airtable columns, which has had no impact on Make thanks to the use of column IDs.

If this was added in a recent update, perhaps setting up the existing modules once anew solves the issue?

It seems, Make only shows the new column names after a trigger run, but keeps functioning even with the old ones.

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Can you give some screenshots of examples please?

Hi Scotty,

Is the question for @JohnGadd or me?

I keep changing Airtable fields without effect on Make, the field IDs used by the API are static.

When adding new fields, I trigger the scenario with value in the new field, which adds it to Make.