Airtable "infrastructure" update - "Search Records" now makes dastardly duplicates

This is my first post, ever, after being a longtime lurker.

Integromat was the secret sauce for building out my boss’ business with Airtable. As our business has grown, our communications have become more complex. I recently created a communications base with a Make scenario to auto-populate Airtable fields. The scenario worked beautifully until the other night when Airtable made some changes.

In this scenario, the first module currently watches Gmail.
The second module searches our messages table with this formula: FIND({email},‘{{1.from.address}}’).
If there’s a match, the bundles are routed to an aggregator and a new Airtable record is created. If there’s no match, the bundle’s routed directly to another “Create a Record” module.

At 7:29 PM EST, on Jul 14, 2022, Make sent 503 error messages for a few of my scenarios. Airtable’s system status said there was some temporary “infrastructure” issue. Sure enough, the structure for our bases changed. So far, the only functional difference I’ve found is that we now get duplicates in our messages table. I’ve yet to do a deep dive into the log, but a quick dip shows discrepancies between input and output bundles, starting in the second module.

I don’'t want to start messing with a scenario that was working. Does anyone out there know if Airtable did something Thursday night that changed how the the input bundle is handled by the second module?

Because of the generosity of people in these community forums I’ve learned so much.
Thank you!