Airtable long text into Word Template

Airtable long text into Word Template

Hi, Im looking for some help with my Airtable and Microsoft Word Template integration. I have it set up and working fine for simple fields (like Name, Date etc) however I am having trouble with fields that require multiple lines or formating (like Address).

How it is entered in Airtable:

How Make picked it up from airtable:

How it goes into the Word Module:

How it looks in Word Template: (Name and Company are different fields)

How I would like it to look:

Any ideas/help much appreciated.

Many Thanks :slight_smile:

You can use this formula

on each space it will go to a new line. Unfortunately Street Name will also split…


Hi @Florian

Thanks for this, makes sense.

Unfortunately, it still doesn’t seem to be working. I’m thinking the issues might be with how the key is entered in the word template, but I am having trouble finding any help documentation on this.

Hi @HC_Automation,

Your best bet I think is to split your address using the split() function. And then in your word template you break down your address placeholder like this:


Then you map those address item.

  1. Split Airtable address

  2. Map Word template:

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Hi @loic.wiseflow

Thanks, that was really helpful. I have ended up splitting it out in the template as you suggested, but using a combination of ‘Get’ and ‘Split’ functions when mapping so as to not use the extra Operation


then repeat for Address2 and so on :slight_smile:

Hi, great to hear and nice nesting of functions to save on operations :+1:

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