Airtable Module 422 Error

My scenario was working fine then started getting 422 errors from my first Airtable module, preventing the rest of the scenario from continuing.

[422] Invalid request: parameter validation failed. Check your request data.

Things I’ve tried without success:

  • adding a new airtable module before it, simpler, with no filtering formula. Same error
  • Checking airtable api status, no issues

I tried airtable api via postman which does work if i configure parameters not in body

Anyone else having issues?

I had a similar issue last weekend. Switch your base and view map switches to ON and try it again.


I got the error to go away but it’s not ideal. Basically there’s a “select all” outputs option in the airtable module. If I select nearly all of my rows except 1 the scenario passes through the module without an issue. But as soon as I select all output fields (manually or with the checkbox) it generates the error. And it’s not because one specific field is throwing the error - i’ve toggled off a few of the fields. Doesn’t matter which one, but as long as 1 field is not selected it works ok. As soon as all fields are selected = error. Gotta imagine this is a issue.

Ok another update. I added a few new fields to my airtable table, but when I tried to select them from the airtable module it threw the same error, even if 1 of the fields was left unselected. So the issue seems to be with the number of fields. There must be some maximum number of fields that can be requested from airtable via api or screws up the request to more than 20 or so fields.