Airtable - syncing bases/tables

Hi. I got two Airtable bases… in the second one I’m bringing tables from the first one, which I then use to create linked fields in other tables.
In a MAKE scenario, before proceeding to next module, I need to sync these tables in AT. Airtable offers a scheduled syncing but also a manual sycning process… I’d like to execute this manual process at a certain step from within my MAKE scenario… how can I get around doing this? Is it possible? Are there options/workaround via API calls, AT automations, or even bringing Zaps into MAKE, or using other 3rd party tools? Any guidance is appreciated. Thanks!

You’re going to have to figure out how to sync in probably 2 scenarios. There’s no magic — you have to take the data from
one table and put it into the other and vice versa. :brain: Airtable Automations with Make

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