Airtable Update record - Validation failed for 1 parameter(s)

I’m new to Make and would appreciate some help with an unexpected error.

I am building a scenario to fetch a page views report from Google Analytics and then update records in an airtable table with the page views.

Module 1 get GA report (successful)
Module 2 search Airtable records for matching URLs (successful)
Module 3 update records - operation failed with an error. Validation failed for 1 parameter(s).

Can anyone give me some idea what I’m doing wrong or how to debug this vague error?

Hey @davnunn,

Your #airtable Pageviews column probably is a number field or a type of field that doesn’t accept what Google Analytics: Value is sending. To resolve it, you can make your Airtable column “single line text” type
Or use a parsenumber formula if it needs to be a number

Thanks for the suggestion. I tried removing page views altogether and I got the same error with just the airtable ID. As it’s a parameter error I think just be to do with that I’D, but I have no idea what.